Celebrating Jesus Christ

Sunday sermon notes from June 27, 2021

Read Ephesians Chapter 1 and 2

The church members came together at a family's home and celebrated the Lord’s Supper together by sharing a meal, singing hymns, praying  and talking about Jesus together. Here are some points that were discussed about these two chapters:

  • Paul takes us back to the beginning of time and reminds us that we are chosen by God to do good deeds and God can use us to honor Him
  • God knew we would need Jesus, and because of what Jesus did for us, we will be seated with Him at the right hand of God
  • We are vessels of the Holy Spirit of God, so we should be careful about what we are “Putting into” our bodies and what “comes out” of our bodies. It is so easy to act like the world and forget who we really are

  • God has created all of us, one race, through Jesus we are one people
  • God allowed Christianity to be extended from the Jews to the Gentiles: which means: “the nations”, so everyone can be truly free
  • What are some good works that God has prepared for us to do as Christians?
    • Loving each other with the help of the Holy Spirit
    • We should reflect God in our community when we are together
  • Focus on the references to the trinity in these passages: See how God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are working together?
    • God orchestrated the entire event
    • Jesus intercedes for us to God
    • The Holy Spirit helps us to live in unity with each other and with God
    • God’s plan allows us to be saved from death and destruction and separation from him
    • The Holy Spirit is our seal of salvation

  • We were dead in our sins until we learned what our sins were and became reconciled to God
  • We were slaves to sin, choosing to live a life of sinful patterns 
  • Jesus brings us back to life with his sacrifice for our sins. We have to be born again and raised to a new life in order to be saved. 
  • Our work as Christians is to continue to transform ourselves to become obedient to Christ, this is good work!
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