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Loving Jesus

Lesson Notes from Sunday, March 13, 2023

Read 2 John

Review Questions:

  • Who is the “Elder” and why?
    • The Elder is likely John, who also wrote the gospel of John
    • John has a distinct writing style and repeatedly writes about the following themes: the new commandment to love each other, holding to the truth, the Antichrist, and abiding in Jesus
  • Who is John referring to when he addressed the “lady and her children” and why?
    • Likely the house church that meets in the home of a well known lady/sister and the disciples that meet at her home
  • What does it mean to Love Jesus?
    • To love Jesus is to obey his commands, John 8:31-32
    • When we hold to Jesus’s teachings we learn what is true and we will be set free from sin and destruction.
  • How does “abiding in the truth" and "walking in the truth" differ?
    • Abiding is having a knowledge, understanding and belief
    • Walking is the actual implementation of this knowledge, the action part, going and serving someone for example
    • Our joy is complete when we meet together face to face. We experience the love of Jesus when we fellowship with each other.
    • Read Colossians 2:20-23:It is important to remember as baptized Christians we have a new life and can focus on what we can do with our new freedom in Christ; we can love each other.

  • In 2 John verse 7-8, John talks about an “anti-christ”. Who is the “anti-christ”?
    • The “anti-christ” is Anyone who teaches that Jesus did not come in the flesh (as a human), die, was raised to life by God, and will return in the flesh.
    • Jesus was the first born from the dead, therefore, we have our hope in that we too will be raised to a new life in Him. If Jesus did not resurrect in the flesh, that means we will have no chance of doing the same thing. Therefore, it is important to understand and believe this concept. John is really firm about this. He says to not even associate with people that teach against this truth. 
  • The GOOD NEWS of Jesus is that it is possible to live a resurrected life here on earth as a baptized disciples and to look forward to returning to our spiritual state that started off in the garden of Eden when we get to spend eternity with God.

Come To Jesus

What does it really mean when someone says to you, “It’s time to have a Come to Jesus Talk”?

Let us take a look in the bible and to see what happens to someone’s life when she meets up with and has a real talk with Jesus.

Read John 4: 7-14

  • When the Samaritan woman met Jesus, he offered her living water. What is living water? Why did he offer her living water? What was she looking for? What was the cost of the living water and who paid for it?
    • Living water, an idiom for spiritual life that will never end
    • He offered her living water because it was obvious she was looking for everlasting fulfillment in something else, perhaps in the several husbands she had--failed relationships.
    • Jesus offers everlasting life to whoever will accept it, it is free
    • Jesus paid for everlasting life with the price of his own life
  • What happened to this woman after her “come to Jesus talk?”
    • She took his offer and changed her life, then she informed the whole town, verse 28
    • Because of her willingness to talk to Jesus and respond in favor, others were able to seek out Jesus and have their own conversation with Jesus and receive faith in him and thus inherit everlasting life too!

Read Isaiah 55: 1-5

  • Jesus offered everlasting life to the woman at the well
  • God offered the Israelites the same promise
  • Again, what is the cost of this gift? Nothing, it is free

Read Revelation 21:6-8

  • Jesus promises everlasting life and paid the price with his own life, he is offering it to anyone for free
  • What happens when you pursue sin instead of everlasting life? You miss out on the free gift to live with God forever and we will never feel fulfilled in our life here on earth
  • What is your motivation for giving up sin in your life? Is it because God has blessed you or are you motivated by encouraging God with your actions?
  • The only way to purify our lives and remove the sins, it to fill up our lives with the everlasting pure water that comes from being with Jesus

Read Revelation 22:1-5 and 12-17

  • The water of life is flowing freely, again there is no cost because Jesus paid with his life
  • The tree of life is producing healing to all the nations
  • When you are thirsty, where do you go or who do you turn to?
  • It is important to go to the true source for life, God and Jesus and not to earthly or man made things or ideas, they cannot fill us the way God and Jesus and the Holy spirit can
  • We cannot earn this free gift because it was already paid for, but we can accept it and in doing so we will no longer have room in our lives for indulging in activities that can destroy us

We NEED Each Other!

Sunday Lesson Notes from February 26, 2023

Read 1 Corinthians 12: 20-27

  • The church is a community of believers with Jesus as the leader.Working together as a unit can help non-believers to see how much God loves his people and wants to have a personal relationship with each person 
  • The body of Christ (the church) is a unit made up of many parts, the people
  • We are all needed to do our part so that the body (the church) will be build up
  • Can you think of your unique talents that you possess and can use to encourage the church?
  • Are there any needs you have that you see others could meet in the church?
  • It is good to remember that we need each other and are connected as one through Jesus

Encouragement for the day:

Think of one activity you can do right now to make a difference in your community, family, church or work group and do it!

“Having a Conversation with Jesus”

Sunday Sermon notes

February 5, 2023

Food for thought:

  • Communication is so much richer when we are face to face and talking with someone
  • Written communication is sometimes misunderstood, so having personal conversations are key in getting to know someone
  • Let us learn from these conversations Jesus had with two individuals

Question: What does it mean to be like Jesus, a Christian?

  • Is it just obeying rules and being a moral person?
  • Is it walking in his footsteps and having a relationship with God?
  • Are there good moral people that do not follow Jesus?
  • What is your motivation for being a good person?

Read Luke 18:9-14

  • What is the difference between the heart of the Pharisee and the heart of the tax collector in this parable?
  • How easy is it for us to see Jesus’s character in someone who is humble, open and honest about their sin?
  • What was motivating this Pharisee to be a good person?
  • It is important to check our hearts and see if we are doing the right things out of motivation for love of God versus just to look good in front of other people

Read Luke 19:7-10

  • What happened to Zaccheus when he met Jesus?
    • First, he acknowledged the LORD!
    • He changed his actions and behavior because of the Lord
    • He understood what it meant to have a Lord in your life, your life should reflect that you make decisions based on the Lord’s requirements
    • As a follower of Jesus, we are not only about following rules and being a good person, our hearts should be willing to please Jesus. Jesus is our entire motivation for what we do. When we are motivated by following Jesus’s life, we will likely be more honest, more humble and more able to help others to understand who Jesus is and follow him
  • Let’s imagine, if someone interacted with Zaccheus one year after his encounter with Jesus, what kind of person would they encounter?
    • He would likely still be repentant and explaining his sins and making things right. This is an example of “sharing your faith”. When people see the changes we make in our lives after encountering Jesus, it should help them to have hope that they could change too. 
    • Paul often boasted in his weaknesses, transforming from a Christian killer to a servant of Christians. This yielded huge impacts and helped others to have faith in Jesus. 
    • What kinds of sins are you repenting of? Action Sins, Heart Sins, Omission Sins? God sees them all and expects us to change, motivated by love for/by him.


Sunday Lesson Notes from January 22, 2023


  • Have you ever been offended by something someone said or did to you?
  • How did you respond? How should you have responded?
  • Some people respond in the following ways: Acceptance, forgiveness, move on from the relationship, ignore it, get revenge, hold a grudge
  • Would you consider responding in the following ways instead?
    • Pray for the offender
    • Hold off on reacting
    • Acknowledge your own thoughts, feelings and emotions
    • Discuss one on one with the offending party
    • Forgive the offender
    • Read James 1:19 for a good scriptural reminder
  • Listen to the following song, “Skandalon” by Michael Card, view on You Tube:
  • Skandalon- transliteration for the Greek word meaning a trigger for a trap, the stick for the bait of a trap, a snare, a stumbling block
  • Read Isaiah 8: 13-25
    • Jesus is a stumbling block for many according to biblical teachings
    • Don’t be afraid to look bad as you ask and seek out the answers to find out who Jesus is and what he wants us to learn
    • Sometimes we can feel bad if we fall or fail, but as long as we keep persevering we will make it in the end
    • We need to remember to consider each other when we communicate our thoughts and feelings to each other. We should have grace and mercy even if someone may be communicating something that may not be accurate and help them along to see more clearly
    • We need each other to make it to the end because life is full of stumbling blocks and only focusing on Jesus and by encouraging each other,  will we make it to the end
  • Read 1 Kings 17: 8-16
    • What do you learn from the interaction between Elijah and the Widow?
      • They both had great faith and humility: Elijah trusted that God would do what he promised, allow him to be fed by a widow in the midst of a famine; the Widow, a woman and non-jew who was starving and in a dire situation, trusted Elijah and fed him with her last provisions. She could have shunned him, turned him away or taken offense at her low position. 
      • When things are hard in our life, we should still trust that God is present and will come to our assistance. We show our trust in God by obeying and doing what he says even if everything looks bleak.
  • Read 2 Kings 5: 1-15
    • What can you learn from the various individuals in this passage?
      • Naaman- he was a successful commander of the army of Aram, a neighboring, pagan nation that took a young Israelite woman captive; he had to have humility and trust in his wife and her slave girl to get the help he needed to be healed of his condition; he had to be willing to obey and perform a lowly task of washing in the river to be cleaned, if he did not, he would not have been healed; He had the attitude of a transaction to get healed, he had no relationship with God who was doing the healing
  • The King of Israel- he was losing faith and tearing up his clothes instead of remembering Elisha was right there and could help him
  • The Servant Girl- what big faith and so full of compassion; she was captured and was still willing to share about Elisha so that her capturer would be healed
  • Naaman’s wife- she must have had a good relationship with her servant girl who was willing to share her knowledge and heal Naaman; she had faith enough to tell her husband what the servant girl said to her
  • Naaman’s servant- full of wisdom and humility, willing to trust and to stand up to Naaman so that Naaman could get the help that he needed
  • Remember, the work of God is to believe in the One He sent
  • God does not want a transactional relationship with us, he wants us to enjoy spending time with him and getting to know his character
  • The more we abide in Jesus’s words the more  we will be able to respond to events in our lives the way Jesus did
  • Read Luke 4: 16 ad 22-30
    • Why were these Jews so offended by what Jesus shared in this passage about Naaman and the Widow?
      • Jesus hit a raw nerve. He reminded the Jews in the synagogue that day that they were just like the Jews of the time of Naaman and the widow and  that they currently had a prophet among them, himself, who they still refused to listen to
  • The Jews in Jesus’ day had a preconceived notion about what should be going on and who Jesus was. They thought a savior was coming to rescue them from Roman oppression but missed that Jesus was present and there to rescue them, not from Roman oppression but  from the sin of unbelief and disobedience to God. The presence of  Jesus was a constant reminder to them of their lack of faith in God and their unwillingness to obey. 

The Word of God

Sunday Lesson Notes January 1, 2023

Read John Chapter 1: 1-5

  • What is so important about God’s words?
    • God used his word to create everything in the beginning, Genesis Ch 1
    • God used his word to communicate that he wanted something to be formed, formative speech, he formed the universe with his words
  • Why are words so important?
    • We use words to communicate to others our thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions etc. things in our mind and heart
    • Our words can lead others to action when we say our words to someone else
    • Jesus came to earth to communicate to us the thoughts, feelings and ideas from God. He is the embodiment of God’s word.
    • God’s speech caused Jesus to come to the earth and teach us about God
  • Why is it important to know Jesus?
    • Jesus is the word-mind and thoughts of God
    • Jesus does what God wants him to do
    • Jesus does what he sees God doing, ie feeding the five thousand like God fed the Israelites in the desert
  • Why does John use the terminology “the Word”?
    • These are God’s words, the final say
    • The Word is Jesus, identical to God, but not interchangeable with God
    • Jesus in relation to God is like the voice of person you talk to on the phone- ie, the electronic sound waves are the person’s voice through which you can identify that unique person, but the voice is not the “actual person”
    • Jesus is the speech of God, he became human so that he can represent God to us and we can understand God  better as a result. God is the source for Jesus. 

  • Read John Chapter 1: 9-14
    • Humans were created in the image of God. God breathe his breath into us and we became living beings created in his image
    • Jesus in the same way became the embodiment of God as a human here on earth. He was referred to as the light because light allows us to see in the darkness. 
    • The truth is made clear when a light shines on a situation. Jesus brought the light into the world and made things clear for us. Jesus is the complete revelation of God.
    • Jesus made his dwelling among us, just like God dwelled among the Israelites in the desert. He wanted to make us all part of his community and showed us how to live the way God wants us to live.
    • Anyone has access to God’s community if we believe in Jesus. When we are distracted by the worries of the world etc, we ignore the word of God
    • By reading the words of God in the bible, we can know the mind of God
    • When we practice paying attention to who we are, then move on to paying attention to our relationship with God, then we can really learn how to focus our attention to God himself

Wisdom from God

Sunday Lesson Notes from December 4, 2022

Read James 3:13-18

  • What is the difference between wisdom from God and earthly wisdom?
    • Wisdom from God is truth and humility
    • Wisdom from earth is full of selfish ambition, bitter envy and unspiritual
  • How do you get wisdom from God?
    • If you lack wisdom, ask God for it in prayer, James 1:2-6

Read Proverbs 9:1-6 and 13-18

  • What are the two invitations described in this Proverb?
  • Which invitation have you taken in your life?
    • One invitation is to the house of wisdom, the other invitation is to the house of folly
    • How do you know which invitation you have taken? What in your life points to wisdom or to folly?

Read Proverbs 2:1-8

  • Where do you seek God’s wisdom?
    • The bible tells us when we are in trouble to seek God’s wisdom
    • We can find God’s wisdom in his words
    • It is important to know God’s words well so that we can recognize and reject false teachings
    • In Colossians 2 , Paul teaches about all of God’s wisdom is revealed in Jesus Christ. Don’t be fooled by false teachings found in other ideas of the world. 
  • Do I cry out to God for wisdom? Do I call out during trials or during times of peace?

Read 1 Corinthians 1:18-25

  • Jesus being crucified was the true wisdom of God, but this was foolishness to those who were perishing. The world could not understand how a dead person could save the world, but God’s wisdom was revealed to those who were willing to accept that by the death of Jesus we were saved. 

Read 1 Corinthians 2:6-10

  • Jesus’s life on earth demonstrates the true wisdom of God
  • When we follow Jesus we are destined to share in God’ glory, now and in the days to come
  • When you go after a relationship with God and seek to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, you are practicing true wisdom. Jesus showed us how to love and obey God. In summary, all the treasures of wisdom are hidden in Christ and is revealed to all who belong to Him.

Remembering God through Celebrations

Sunday Lesson Notes from October 16, 2022

Why do people celebrate Special Holidays?

  • Helps us to remember special events, moments and people
  • Allows us to take a break from work
  • Facilitates family members getting together

Read Leviticus Chapter 23: 1-44

  • The Israelites were told by God to celebrate 7 Major Festivals throughout the year
    • The Sabbath, celebrated every 7 days
      • Three Spring festivals
        • The First Fruits, early spring harvest
        • The Passover,  remembering deliverance from Egypt
        • Festival of Weeks, Pentecost, celebrated 50 days after Passover
      • Three Fall Festivals
        • Festival of Trumpets, celebrating repentance
        • The Day of Atonement, sins forgiven, sacrifices by the High Priest
        • Festival of the Booths or Tabernacles-celebrating time they lived in tents in the wilderness and were delivered by God
  • What was so special about the Festival of Booths?
    • They were offering animals that they had raised all year, true sacrifice
    • They were remembering the discomforts of living in a tent but could remember how God took care of them at that time
  • Read John 7: 1-39
    • Jesus was participating in the Festival of Booths during this passage
    • Jesus’s brothers were giving him a hard time but he stood up and taught the people any way
    • The people were questioning Jesus’s authority as he challenged their beliefs, but he was confident in who he was and where he came from 
    • He advised the people to test his words by obeying God’s words
    • Jesus reminded them that he was returning back to his Father in Heaven
    • The leaders were misleading the general population with lies so they would not follow Jesus’s teachings
    • Jesus was teaching them the true meaning of the Festival, that God will provide for them as God did back in the wilderness and escape from Egypt
    • Jesus taught the people that he was there to bring them living water, the source of life. Water was the source of life in the wilderness of the desert and it is the source of spiritual life now. Jesus brought the never ending living water to the people with his words. 
    • When we obey Jesus’s teachings we become the spiritual spring of water for others which leads to eternal life through Jesus
    • Everyone is invited to participate in the Festivals of Jesus and follow his teachings
  • Read John 7:40-53
    • Jesus’s teachings were so different at this time that the leaders were trying to kill him
    • Some of the Jews at this time were using scriptures to try to convince others that Jesus was not the Christ which also led to a great deal of conflict
    • The Festival of Booths was celebrated to remember the coming out of slavery of Egypt and living in the wilderness as God took care of the people, yet the Pharisees were still trying to keep the people in slavery to an old law.
    • Jesus dwelled among us to show us how to live on earth and how to worship God

God rescued us from Egypt

Sunday October 30, 2022

Read Exodus Chapter 15: 1-18

Read Hosea 13: 1-4

During the time of Hosea, there was much turmoil in the land. The Israelites were not obeying the word of God. There  were 6 Kings in 25 years, 4 of them were murdered by their successors and one was captured in battle. Only one was succeeded on the throne by his son. This describes the tragic final days of the Northern Kingdom. 

God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, rescued them from slavery and brought them to the land he promised and they still were disobedient and ungrateful to God. 

What “Egypt” did God rescue you from?

  • Sometimes our Egypt can be a mindset, like selfishness, career worship, money worship, anxiety or fear
  • Our final destination is Heaven, the real promised land
  • We have to go through our “deserts” to make it to the Promised Land
  • What “desert” are you going through at this time?
  • When we allow God to take us through hard times in our lives, we are pruned and become ready to receive the gift of the Promised Land

Read  1 Kings 12: 25-33

  • Jeroboam was king and lead the people astray and to worship false gods
  • Who in your life is leading you to worship false gods?
  • Read Exodus 32:1-6, Aaron lead the Israelites in false worship as well
  • How easy is it to be led astray? How long will you wait on God to act before you follow your own plan and turn to your own idols?

Read Hosea 13: 4-8

  • In what way are you tempted to forget God?
    • It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life
    • Following God can sometimes be inconvenient
    • Loving the world more than God and refusing to wait on God
    • Joseph had to wait on God in the old testament before receiving his blessing and ability to lead.
  • Do you realize when you are being tempted to forget God?
    • We need strong faithful spiritual friends in our lives to help us remember God
    • Great spiritual friends can help us to remove old idols in our lives
    • Read Hosea 13: 9-16
      • The Israelites were about to be destroyed in a horrific way
      • This could have been avoided if they had stayed faithful to God
  • Read 1 Corinthians 15:54-57
    • Jesus brought victory over sin when he came and suffered for our sins in order that we could have a reconciled relationship with God. 

Spending Time with God in His Creation

Sunday Lesson Notes from October 2, 2022

How do you connect with God and Jesus through creation?

  • Read Psalm 33:6-9; Psalm 90: 1-2; Amos 9: 5-6
    • The words of God were able to create the heavens and the earth
    • God’s words are so powerful that He can speak whole galaxies and universes into existence
    • God’s word is a safe dwelling place throughout all generations
    • God is successful in all he sets out to do
    • Take some time to pray and admire God’s creation
  • Read John 1: 1-5; Romans 11:33-36; Ephesians 2:4-10
    • Jesus represents God’s word to us here on earth
    • Through Jesus we are able to be reconciled to our relationship with God
    • Jesus was with God in the beginning of time and together God and Jesus invited us to share in their existence
    • Jesus has helped us to regain our relationship with God after the fall of man due to our decisions to ignore God and go against his will
    • God is able to transform the disorder in our lives to order 
  • Spend time this week praising and worshiping God and admiring his creation 
  • Spend time this week thinking of Jesus and how he has helped us to be reconciled to God our Father, the creator of all things
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