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Sunday Lesson Notes September 17, 2023

Read 1 Samuel 8: 1-22

  • Why did Israel want a King? What excuses did they make about needing a King?
    • Israel wanted a king so they could be like the other nations around them that had a person as a king. Having God as their king was not enough for them. 
    • They were making excuses that they needed a king because Samuel’s sons were corrupt and Samuel was old and they needed a king to lead them.
    • The truth of the matter was that they were rejecting God as their king. They were intentionally breaking their covenant relationship with God and demanding a person to be their king. 
    • Fortunately, Samuel was wise enough to seek advice from God with this issue. This shows that although Samuel was old, he was still wise to seek God’s advice in his life.

Read 1 Samuel 10: 17-19

  • What is so encouraging about God in this passage?
    • God was very aware that Israel had been rejecting Him as their King since he rescued them from Egypt, yet he remained faithful to his promises to protect them and make them a great nation
    • God is faithful to us even when we are unfaithful to him. His presence gives us protection even when we may not deserve it or we are unaware of it. 

Read John 18: 37-40

  • How does this passage relate to the passage in 1 Samuel regarding Israel wanting a king?
    • In this passage, the Jews chose Barabbas over Jesus. Although they accused Jesus of being King of the Jews, they still chose to crucify him and let the worldly leader go free. 
    • The Jews are consistent in the rejection of God as their King. Here they are rejecting the son of God as their King. 

Read John 19: 12-16

  • Here again the Jews are rejecting Jesus as their King and choosing Caesar as their king
  • Pilate asked the Jews what they wanted to do with their King and they demanded that he be crucified. They claimed that only Caesar was their King.
  • Question: Is there a “King” in your life that is not GOD?
  • Question: Am I crucifying my “King” or God with the choices I make in my life?
  • Question: Do I allow myself to make good sounding excuses to choose who will be the “King” in my life?

Jesus the Bridegroom, the Church His Bride

Sunday Lesson Notes

September 3, 2023

Read Matthew 9: 14-17

  • Jesus referred to himself as the Bridegroom, who was his bride?
  • The church- made up of all his disciples- is Jesus’s bride
  • We are part of the church, therefore, we will be Jesus’s bride when he returns
  • Jesus made his disciples aware of this new teaching
  • What did Israel’s relationship with God look like in the Old Testament?
    • Israel was having a hard time remaining faithful to their covenant relationship with God.

Read Hosea 2: 14-20

  • Israel was an adulteress wife, yet God still pursued her and claimed her as his own.
  • The Israelites were having difficulty staying faithful to God in part because they wanted to be like the other nations around them and have a god they could see and control.
  • God promised Israel his marriage to her would be forever, with righteousness and justice and with love and compassion.
  • God’s request from Israel was to acknowledge him, to know HIM

Read Revelation 19: 6-9

  • This passage describes the wedding of Jesus to his bride the church
  • The bride is making herself ready for Jesus
  • The bride is clothed in fine linen which is the acts of righteousness of the saints
  • The wedding is taking place before the throne of God 
  • All the saints before the time of Christianity will be in attendance to witness this event

Read Revelation 21: 1-11 and 22-27

  • God will come to earth and dwell with his people, the Garden of Eden restored
  • There will be no need for light because God will be the light
  • The nations will be renewed and worship GOD with all the splendor
  • We have something so amazing to look forward to
  • God is clear about his expectations
  • He loves us so much that he tells us what is expected in order to dwell with him forever

See notes from July 5th online

Jesus Returns

Sunday Sermon Notes July 30, 2023

  • READ 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18
    • Why did Paul use the phrase “uninformed”
      • His audience did not understand fully about the resurrection of Jesus, he was trying to correct their incorrect teaching
      • The people were wondering what happened to Jesus and when was he coming back
      • They were also wondering what would happen to the people that died before Jesus died and was resurrected
      • Paul was giving them a reminder that they had something more to look forward to than just the life they were living here on earth
    • People who do not follow the teachings of the bible have no hope, why not?
      • They are living for the things in this world, for example, money, jobs, family, friends etc. 
      • They believe after they die, they will cease to exist
      • They do not believe that they will live forever in a permanently resurrected body
  • READ 1 Thessalonians 4:14
    • As Chrisitians, believing in the fact that Jesus rose from the dead gives us hope of a life after death
    • When Jesus returns, dead Christians will be risen, and then those who are alive in him will be caught up to Jesus to the clouds in the air

  • READ 1 Corinthians 15: 51-55
    • It is important to remember that in the end death will not win
    • Jesus came to the earth, died and was raised to a new life to give everyone the same opportunity. As christians, we can die to our old selves, get baptized and be raised to a new life. We will have the ability to live a repented life on earth and a hope of resurrection with Jesus when he returns.
  • READ 1 Thessalonians 4:8
    • Paul wants us as Christians to encourage each other regularly with what he said in verses 13-17 

The Calling

Sunday Lesson Notes from July 16th

  • Read Ephesians 4: 1-6
    • What is the “calling” that you have received?
      • To be a disciple of Jesus
      • To imitate the way Jesus lived
      • To make Jesus the Lord (ruler) of your life
      • This is essential to the core of the Christian Faith
  • Read 1 John and discuss some passages that describe this core of the Christian Faith, living like Jesus
    • 1 John 2: 3-6 is a great example, if you claim to be a Christian, you must live like Jesus did.
  • Describe some ways you can tell if someone is living like Jesus, refer back to Ephesians 4: 1-6
    • The person would be humble and gentle
    • The person would be patient and bearing with others
    • The person would be forgiving and turning to God for answers

  • Describe some ways you might act if you are not trying to live like Jesus, again refer back to Ephesians 4: 1-6
    • The person would retaliate and become defensive in relationships
    • The person would be quick to anger, judgmental and impatient
    • The person would be unforgiving and turning to their own methods to solve problems
    • They would damage the unity in relationships for the sake of winning or being right
  • What is so great about making every effort to “keep unity”? What is “unity”?
    • When Paul told the readers to keep unity, this implied we are already unified with each other. Working to keep unity is the challenge, but it is encouraging that God has already given us the gift of unity in our relationships.
    • Unity is working together with others to reach the same goal. It does not mean we have to have the same exact ideas, thoughts or feelings. It means adjusting our ideas, thoughts and feelings as necessary to reach a common goal. Our relationship with God and our relationship with each other is essential to maintaining unity. 
    • God has given us one Body, Spirit, Hope, Lord, Faith and Baptism. God has made us all-everyone. 
    • God has made us all and as disciples we belong to Jesus. Because we belong to Jesus, we can imitate his humility and keep peace in our relationships.

Jesus, the Bridegroom

Sunday Lesson notes from July 9th, 2023

  • Read John 3: 22-30
    • How does John view himself in relation to Jesus?
      • As a servant, lower in status
      • As a best man to the bridegroom
  • Read Ephesians 5: 22-32
    • What is the profound mystery?
      • That the church is Jesus’s bride and he is the bridegroom
      • Jesus gave his life up for his bride, the church
      • Are human marriages like Jesus’s marriage to the church or is Jesus’s marriage to the church like human marriages?
    • What can we learn from the example of Jesus’s marriage to the church?
      • Jesus gave up his life for the church
      • Jesus cares for the church like he cares for himself
      • There is no price Jesus was unwilling to pay to serve the church
      • Jesus called himself the head of the church, the church members are his body. There is a deep connection between Jesus and the church.
      • As a church we should strive to follow and be lead by our head, Jesus and not a human leader
      • We should respond to Jesus with humility and reverence
      • Jesus uses his words to take care of the church and to make it radiant

  • Read Isaiah 54: 5-8 amd Ezekiel 16: 1-14
    • God is our husband and looks after and takes care of our needs
    • He brought us out of a lonely broken place and provided us with everything that we need to live
    • God has a personal and intimate relationship with us and his concern for us is deeply personal
    • God gives us time to grow and seeks us out when we are ready to receive him
    • It is easy to forget how much God loves and cares for us.
    • When Jesus returns, we will have full redemption and will experience the full treasures from God. As members of the church we will one day be married to our great bridegroom Jesus. 
    • God has made us his Queen and the future bride of Jesus, how do you respond to this gift from God?

We are all God’s Children

Sunday Lesson Notes from May 14th, 2023

Read Genesis Chapter 16: 1-16

  • Discuss some characteristics of Sarai
    • She was making poor decisions and not trusting in God
    • Although God had delivered her from troubles before and personally made a promise to her that she would have a son, she did not believe God
    • She was putting her faith in events going on around her instead of in God’s promises
    • It is important to have people involved in your life who can help you to trust in God when you are going through difficulties in your life. Faithful friends can help you to remember all the times God delivered you in the past. 
  • Discuss some characteristics of Abraham
    • He did not trust in God, but he trusted his wife who did not give him the best advice
    • He was looking to his culture for advice to help him establish his Kingdom, instead of trusting in God’s promises.
    • We need to remember in our lives that God has a plan laid out for us in our lives. We sometimes forget this and instead of seeking out God’s will for our lives, we find a way to deviate from God's plans.
    • When we deviate from God’s plan for our lives, generations of our family members are usually negatively impacted.
  • Discuss some characteristics of Hagar
    • Hagar was rumored to be an Egyptian princess but was a slave to Abraham and Sarai
    • She was forced to marry Abraham and to have a child for Sarai
    • God saw her cry for help and delivered her 
    • In Genesis 21- Hagar and her son Ishmael were removed from the family and God heard her cry again. God invited Hagar into a relationship with him.
  • Read Galatians 4: 21-31
    • We are now part of a greater promise and free to have faith in God. We are no longer bound by the laws of Jewish traditions. Anyone who wants to have a relationship with God is able to do so. We now have freedom to live as Chrisitians because of Jesus and his sacrifice. 

Spiritual Blindness

Sunday Lesson Notes from May 7, 2023

Read Isaiah 42:1-9: What do we learn about Jesus from this passage?

  • God calls Jesus his servant
  • The Messiah will show who God is
  • He will show the way to life eternal
  • He will open eyes that are blind
  • Jesus will bring justice to the nations, we do not have to seek justice for ourselves when we are wronged
  • God was intimately involved with Jesus, holding his hand
  • God gave Jesus his glory, so we could trust that He was from God

Read John 9:1-8: Who were the blind characters in this passage and why?

  • The disciples were blinded by their own traditions, they believed bad things happened to people as a result of sins their parents committed. They could not see the real reason this beggar was blind from birth.
  • The beggar was born blind so that God’s work could be displayed in his life. It is important to understand that the beggar was chosen by God for this purpose. When bad things happen to you in your life do you see it as an opportunity for God’s work to be displayed in your life? It is very inspiring when individuals overcome hardships in their lives and trust in God’s deliverance.
  • What was Jesus referring to when he said they were to work as long as he was there with them? Meaning, make the most of every opportunity to do good. Healing on the Sabbath was more important than obeying the man-made rules of the Sabbath.
  • Neat trivial fact: the Pool of Siloam-means “sent”. Remember in Isaiah, Jesus was going to be "sent" to save the world.

Read John 9:8-12: Why were the onlookers unable to recognize the healed beggar?

  • Perhaps the healed beggar was acting differently now that he was healed.
  • Perhaps they never even really knew what he looked like because he was an outcast, ie. the blind beggar that no one really paid any attention.
  • Perhaps the onlookers were still blinded by their own inability to recognize the power of Jesus to heal lifelong conditions. They could not connect the miracle to Jesus in their minds. Afterall, using mud in someone’s eyes to heal them seems ridiculous.
  • It is important to note also that the man did not require faith to be healed, he was healed although he did not know who Jesus was. In order to be healed however, he had to obey Jesus and do something- go wash in the pool.


Read John 9:13-17: Why were the Pharisees having such a difficult time understanding this miracle?

  • The Pharisees were blinded by their own religious traditions. They were caught up in obeying the tradition of the Sabbath and unable to recognize that Jesus was more important than the Sabbath itself. We need to still do good things on the Sabbath. Jesus performed lots of miracles on the Sabbath to drive this point home to his followers.
  • God created the Sabbath for humans to rest. God stopped creating on the Sabbath, he did not stop existing. The Pharisees went as far to say this man was not from God because he did not keep the Sabbath, by their definition. How many times do we say someone is not a Christian because they do not obey rules that were man-made?

Read John 9:35-38: Who are the spiritually blind in this passage and did they regain true sight?

  • The Pharisees were unable to see that Jesus was doing good on the sabbath and this man was able to see as a result. Instead of rejoicing and worshiping God for this miracle, they threw the healed man out of the synagogue. The Pharisees remained blind.
  • The man was thrown out but Jesus found him and helped him to realize who really healed him. The beggar transformed from not knowing who Jesus was, to calling him an unknown man, to calling him a prophet and finally to proclaiming Jesus was the Son of Man. The blind man allowed himself to be transformed by this interaction with Jesus. We can be transformed in the same way if we allow our eyes to really be healed by Jesus to see who he is. We can be healed from our spiritual blindness when we obey his commands and acknowledge that he is the one doing the healing in our lives.

What Gives You Encouragement?

Sunday Lesson Notes from 4-18-2023

Several individuals at church on Sunday shared a verse or song that really encouraged them in their daily walk with God. Here is a sample of what was shared by various individuals:

  1. Read 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17
  • The bible reminds us to encourage each other with the words of the gospel and to hold firmly to the teachings.
  1. Read Romans 8:31-39
  • Remember, as Christians, we are more than conquerors and cannot be separated from the Love of God that is in Jesus our Lord.
  • God doesn’t move away from us, we are usually the ones that move away from God. Jesus intercedes for us to help us stay close to God, he takes the bullets for us and protects us in our daily walk with God so that we can stay close to God. 
  1. Read Psalm 46:1-11
  • God has been pursuing us from the beginning of time and will always be there to help us in our lives.
  1. Read Acts 17:24-28
  • God has set us up in our lives to seek him and to find him, he always makes a path for us that leads back to his presence.
  1. Read Philippians 4:4-9
  • God wants to hear from us. We do not have to be worried about anything as long as we turn everything over to God and give thanks. Remember to fill your mind up with thoughts of heaven so that peace will dwell in your heart. 
  1. Read Philemon verse 4-7
  • As Christians, we can encourage each other with our faithfulness to God.
  1. Read John 20:24-29
  • Even when we have doubts in our lives, Jesus takes the time to come to us and make sure we believe. Look back at all the events of your life and recount how God was present and helped you to continue to believe in Him.
  1. Read Romans 5:3
  • It’s ok to suffer sometimes in our lives. This builds up our character and faith in God. 
  1. Read Revelation 21:1-7
  • We live in a world that is full of bad news stories, however, we can read these verses and remember the Good News that Jesus is with God and is preparing a new place for us to come and dwell with him.
  1. Read Philippians 2:1-11
  • Jesus was willing to give up everything he had for us so that we could have a chance to be with Him and God. We will one day be together with Jesus and God!

Palm Sunday

Sunday Lesson Notes, April 8, 2023

  1. What does Palm Sunday mean to you?
  • You may remember playing with tiny palm branches at church on Sunday
  • You may remember making crosses out of palms
  • You may remember wearing your best church clothes
  • What really happened on that day?
    • Read Luke 19:35
    • Kings were inaugurated on donkey’s in the past as part of Israelite culture; it was also a sign of a king coming to make peace during war
    • Saul was the first king to ride into the city on a donkey
    • Jesus asked for a donkey as a fulfillment of the messianic prophecy in Zechariah 9:9
    • Donkeys represent the king in a humble, servant state; it may be a sign he is coming to make peace or to save the people
    • When a king rides into a city on a horse, it is a sign of victory and celebration or to bring judgment on the people and take control
    • In the Book of Revelation, Jesus returns to us on a White Horse, symbolizing his victory over satan and death and to bring judgment on those unwilling to acknowledge him

  1. Why were the Pharisees upset when the people referred to Jesus as Lord?
  • The Pharisees refused to acknowledge that Jesus was from God
  • They thought he was a fraud and they did not want to lose their position as the religious leaders of the day by accepting Jesus as the true Lord
  1. Why was Jesus weeping?
  • He was weeping as he entered Jerusalem because he could see past the beauty of the city with its 100 foot wall. He knew the fate of Jerusalem. The temple would be destroyed and all the Israelites would be scattered with Judaism in ruins. He could see the suffering that was about to take place.
  • He was likely remembering Jeremiah’s prophecy that predicted the destruction of the temple and Shiloh would be in ruins. Shiloh was the place where the Ark was stored before David brought it into Jerusalem. Eventually, the Philistines captured the Ark and destroyed Shiloh. In 70 AD these predictions came true again as warned by Jesus. 
  1. What did Jesus mean by “the time of your visitation”?
  • The Jews of the day did not recognize that Jesus was the Davidic Messiah. He rode in on a donkey, like the prophecy of old, when new kings would ride into a city on a donkey as part of their inauguration. Unfortunately, many of them still missed the clue. 
  • What are some other “times of visitation” in the old testament that demonstrate onlookers missing the clue?
    • Noah and the Ark- Noah sent from God to save
    • Ninevah and Jonah- Jonah sent from God to save
    • David and Goliath- David sent from God to save
    • Sodom and Gomorrah- the Angel sent from God to save
  • Read 1 Peter 2:12
    • Peter predicted Jesus’s future day of visitation where believers will glorify God.
    • Remember to keep doing good deeds, this will be pleasing to the Lord and help others to be saved and glorify GOD!
    • Jesus was accused of many false actions, but he never gave up. He persevered and was able to save the world who recognized and accepted him, thereby bringing glory to God!

Loving Jesus

Lesson Notes from Sunday, March 13, 2023

Read 2 John

Review Questions:

  • Who is the “Elder” and why?
    • The Elder is likely John, who also wrote the gospel of John
    • John has a distinct writing style and repeatedly writes about the following themes: the new commandment to love each other, holding to the truth, the Antichrist, and abiding in Jesus
  • Who is John referring to when he addressed the “lady and her children” and why?
    • Likely the house church that meets in the home of a well known lady/sister and the disciples that meet at her home
  • What does it mean to Love Jesus?
    • To love Jesus is to obey his commands, John 8:31-32
    • When we hold to Jesus’s teachings we learn what is true and we will be set free from sin and destruction.
  • How does “abiding in the truth" and "walking in the truth" differ?
    • Abiding is having a knowledge, understanding and belief
    • Walking is the actual implementation of this knowledge, the action part, going and serving someone for example
    • Our joy is complete when we meet together face to face. We experience the love of Jesus when we fellowship with each other.
    • Read Colossians 2:20-23:It is important to remember as baptized Christians we have a new life and can focus on what we can do with our new freedom in Christ; we can love each other.

  • In 2 John verse 7-8, John talks about an “anti-christ”. Who is the “anti-christ”?
    • The “anti-christ” is Anyone who teaches that Jesus did not come in the flesh (as a human), die, was raised to life by God, and will return in the flesh.
    • Jesus was the first born from the dead, therefore, we have our hope in that we too will be raised to a new life in Him. If Jesus did not resurrect in the flesh, that means we will have no chance of doing the same thing. Therefore, it is important to understand and believe this concept. John is really firm about this. He says to not even associate with people that teach against this truth. 
  • The GOOD NEWS of Jesus is that it is possible to live a resurrected life here on earth as a baptized disciples and to look forward to returning to our spiritual state that started off in the garden of Eden when we get to spend eternity with God.
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