Spending Time With Jesus

Sunday Lesson Notes from August 15, 2021

How has spending time with Jesus this week change your life in a positive way?

Read Luke 10: 38-42

  • Mary took time to listen to Jesus and it changed her life
  • Martha was full of distraction and missed out on something great, spending time with Jesus
  • God has already taken care of the “to do” lists in our lives therefore, we can take time to spend time with Jesus as we go along in our day
  • Mary sat at Jesus’s feet to learn, which was something against cultural norms for women in her time
  • Remember that sitting at the feet of Jesus is about allowing God to do His will through you. Our relationship with God is not about trying accomplish a list of things that we think God wants us to do, but it is really about allowing God to use us to do his will
  • Jesus is THE BEST example of someone who asked God to do His will through him
  • Spending time with  Jesus will help us to remember what is really important: things like taking care of widows, orphans or the foreigner among us; instead of performing religious acts to feel close to God
  • When we spend time with Jesus, we get to remember how righteous he was and learn about what God truly wants from us
  • Spending time with Jesus can also help us to enjoy the simpler things in life and see how Jesus is present in these everyday life events. For example, when we spend time taking care of our family members or providing for the needs of others, we can imitate Jesus and the way he did these things, naturally and with a righteous heart, as he went along his daily life.
  • How are you going to allow God to use you to do his will this week?
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