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Special Events

Book Discussion

Derek Canton, Cresenda Jones, and Beverly Ozanne will co-host a free virtual Spiritual Transformation: Emotional Intelligence and Freedom book discussion group beginning on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 10 AM EST. 

Sign up for the coed discussion group here:
Illuminations Publishers will fill book orders around May 21st.
2 Pre-Order Bonuses - order now!

Book topics include:

  1. Take the Emotional Intelligence 2.0 appraisal -- assessment is imperative!
  2. Life without EQ
  3. What is EQ?
  4. Master Your Mind
  5. The Cost of Repressing Emotions
  6. God, Emotions and Emotional Intelligence
  7. The Bible on the Four Core EQ skills
  8. Build your EQ skills - The Bible on Emotional Intelligence 2.0's 66 Strategies
  9. Time Line Therapy® - Transforming our Neurology
  10. Three Requisites for mind Changes and Soul Transformations
  11. Is There Anything Helpful Outside of God's Word?
  12. Testimonies

Created by: Cresenda Jones | Master NLP Coach, & Time Line Therapy┬« Master Practitioner

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