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Present Your Requests to God

Sunday, April 10th

Sermon Notes

Read Psalm 86-  Example of David Praying

Read Philippians 4:4-7-Pray instead of being Anxious

Read Jonah 2:1-10- Jonah Prayed in his Distress

Read 1 Kings 3:5-14-King Solomon Prayed for Discerning Heart

Think of some prayer requests you have laid before God and What happened as a result?

Here are some prayers and situations that were shared by some individuals:

  • About to get a competitive dream job, but in the end God said “no” which was really a blessing 
  • Suffering with mental health issues, raising small children and having a difficult financial situation, but God protected them through this and saw them out of this situation
  • Moved from one country with no money to get a better education- God provided money, shelter and now they have higher degrees, a nice place to live and permanent status to stay in this country
  • Followed their spouse from another  country to the USA, did not know the language and had a small child. God protected them through this time, especially when the child was ill and the spouse was on travel and they did not know the language well. 
  • Having a hard time with the loss of a relative that was sudden and tragic, but their relationship with God grew and is now able to help others with the grieving process
  • Older and unmarried but learned to surrender the wedding plans to God
  • Relative died tragically although they prayed for their life to be spared, learned that God will do things in his timing
  • Prayed to know Jesus and found him
  • Learned to be OK when God says no or not yet
  • Prayed for a dear friend to return to God and he is now returning
  • Prayed to care for children and they are being cared for
  • Prayed for spouse who was in a bad accident to not require surgery and live, God answered yes

When we pray, God listens and cares about what we are going through. We should always remember to pray and never give up.

Read Luke 18: 1-8

How does this parable change your perspective on prayer?

Do you give up praying? Or do you refuse to pray about everything in your life?

“Remembering Jesus”

Read Luke 22:19

Jesus reminded his disciples to “remember him” while having a meal to celebrate the Passover.

The Passover was an event that happened when the Hebrews were in slavery in Egypt and the Angel of Death was killing all the first borns of the Egyptian people. They were told by God to paint the blood of a lamb and eat a special meal so that the Angel of Death would “Passover” their home and not kill their first born. Yearly, they re-enacted that event to remember what God had done to save them.

Eating meals together was a very intimate experience for Hebrew families. They shared their food and their hearts with each other daily. Jesus was doing the same with his disciples.

Side note-remember to eat dinner with your family each night and share your intimate thoughts and feelings with them to encourage them daily.

Read Genesis 22:1-19

Love- the first time the word “Love” is written in the Bible. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son as a sign of his love for GOD. Love is an action, a sacrifice you make for someone else, not just a feeling.

The ram-was caught in a thicket, or “tree” and would replace Isaac as the sacrifice. Just like Jesus died on a tree as a sacrifice for our sins. Isaac was a young man and knew what a sacrifice was because his father Abraham was teaching him about God. Yet, Isaac willingly trusted his father and did not resist when he was bound and tied to the altar, similar to how Jesus yielded to be a sacrifice for us.

The journey to the place of sacrifice was three days, similar to the time Jesus died and went to hell and returned by the will of God. God again provided the sacrifice. This story is an exact foreshadowing of what Jesus would go through for us in the future.

Although Abraham was waiting a very long time for his son to be born, he did not withhold him from God and was willing to sacrifice to obey God and show his love for God.

Do you think Sarah knew what was going on? Did the servants even know? How about Isaac?
Jesus knew he was going to die his whole life and so did Mary. Imagine how hard that must have been to keep going knowing your destiny was to die for someone else’s sin!

Why did Jesus come on earth? To release us from slavery to sin and to proclaim that we would be saved by his sacrifice. Therefore, every week we meet together to share a meal and remember what Jesus has done for us.

Read John 3:16
God loves us so much that he was willing to sacrifice his only Son for our sake

God would not ask anything of us that he would not do himself
God loves us even more that he loves Jesus-who was blameless and yet he sacrificed him for us. Take time to remember this sacrifice and this act of true love and turn to God and love him back with your life.

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