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The Faith of a Military Man: Luke 7:1-10

Synagogue at Capernaum

Remains of a 4th c. AD Synagogue Built on the Site of Original 1st Century Synagogue Built by Roman Centurion

Luke 7:1-10

Jesus was amazed at this man's faith. He had more faith than all of Israel during Jesus' time.

Would Jesus be able to say the same about anyone in your church? Why or why not?

Where does faith come from?

What evidence is there in the text to support Jesus' statement about the centurion?

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Exodus 19-20: Mt. Sinai and The Ten Commandments

In Exodus 19:1-25 God appears and speaks to Moses in front of and in the hearing of all the People of Israel and gives them The Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:1-26.

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God Prepares Men to Lead His People Exodus 17-18

Exodus 17-18

God Prepares Men to Lead His People

God has already called and established Moses and his brother Aaron as leaders over his people, as well as Joshua ben Nun, a capable young man, as Moses' protegé and intern leader-in-training.  Now, God begins to prepare and groom leaders, old and new, from among His people. 


  1. Ex 17:1-7
  2. Ex 17:8-16
  3. Ex 18:1-27

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God Lovingly Provides For His Ungrateful People


Today we read and discussed Exodus 15:22-27, Exodus 16:1-36, and Exodus 17:1-7 which together show how God lovingly provided for His people after freeing them from slavery in Egypt by providing them with water, meat, and daily bread for forty years while he prepared them to be a holy people ready to enter the Promised Land and while they complained nearly the entire time.

The Augusta Church Has a New Website

The Augusta Church now has a new website at the same location as the original site,  We also have a Facebook Page at a Google+ Page and you can follow us on Twitter @theaugustachurch or email us at

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