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Remembering Heaven

Sunday Lesson Notes from June 12, 2022

What do you do when you face difficult times in your life?

  • Do you start to plan and organize?
  • Do you self-isolate, cry, complain or shut down?
  • How about ignoring the difficult event and hope that it will go away?
  • Maybe you take time to process it and get help and pray? 

Read Isaiah 25:6-9

  • How do these verses inspire you to focus on God during times of hardship?
    • God promises to wipe the tears away from every person forever, no more suffering
    • God is preparing a great banquet, good times for his children to look forward to
    • When we gather together, we proclaim Jesus’s death and resurrection until he returns, therefore, we can trust in God that he will save us and see us through tough times
    • God is preparing a feast for all the nations, everyone will have an opportunity to know God

Read John 13:31-37

  • What does Jesus teach us here?
    • Jesus expects us to love each other
    • Although we live on earth, in a less than ideal situation, we can still thrive when we focus on Jesus’s love for us and as we love each other
    • When times are tough in our lives, we can focus on the fact that our time here on earth is temporary. We have something better coming our way as children of GOD!
    • Remember to wait for the Lord, he will bring salvation!

“Pray and Never Give Up”

Sunday Lesson Notes from June 5, 2022

Read 1 Samuel 1: 1-20

  • What can we learn from Hannah?
  • Why did Eli not know that Hannah was praying?
    • Hannah turned to God despite living a tormented life. She knew people could not answer her prayer, so she trusted in God and asked for what she desired
    • Although God closed her womb, she trusted in Him. When difficult things happen to us we need to remember that God is still in control and do what we know is right
    • Sometimes in life we are made fun of no matter what we do: Hannah was ridiculed for a closed womb yet Mary was ridiculed for being pregnant and unmarried
    • Hannah had an attitude of perseverance. She did not quit going to the temple although year after year she was being ridiculed
  • When you pray to God about something, do you really give it over to God or try to fix it on your own anyway?
    • Prayer is made for us. In prayer we attempt to align our will to God’s will. Am I OK when God’s will is not my will, do I yield to the will of God?

Read 1 Samuel 2: 1-11

Read Samuel 2: 21

  • Hannah is fully surrendered to the will of God
  • God even blessed Hannah’s humility and willingness to trust him by giving her three more sons and two more daughters after Samuel
  • How do you think Penninah felt at this time? Sometimes when we are not supportive of our friends we can miss out on rejoicing with them when God blesses them. 
  • Hannah went through hardship and Samuel was a special son as a result. Sometimes we go through hardships to produce something really special in order for others to reap a benefit.

Read Luke 18: 1-8

  • How does this parable change your perspective on prayers?
  • Do I sometimes think that God is the unjust judge?
  • We need to remember that God’s timing of justice is perfect. We may not like His timeline but we need to surrender and trust that God knows what he is doing. 
  • God never promised life would be easy but do you trust in events or situations more than God
  • Remember to be persistent in your prayer life. Sometimes God delays giving us a gift because we may not be ready to handle it spiritually. 
  • We should be genuine in our prayers. We can talk to God about how we feel about things he wants to hear. 
  • Do you pray with real perseverance and faith? When Jesus returns he wants to find us persevering in prayer and faith.
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