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Spending Time with God in His Creation

Sunday Lesson Notes from October 2, 2022

How do you connect with God and Jesus through creation?

  • Read Psalm 33:6-9; Psalm 90: 1-2; Amos 9: 5-6
    • The words of God were able to create the heavens and the earth
    • God’s words are so powerful that He can speak whole galaxies and universes into existence
    • God’s word is a safe dwelling place throughout all generations
    • God is successful in all he sets out to do
    • Take some time to pray and admire God’s creation
  • Read John 1: 1-5; Romans 11:33-36; Ephesians 2:4-10
    • Jesus represents God’s word to us here on earth
    • Through Jesus we are able to be reconciled to our relationship with God
    • Jesus was with God in the beginning of time and together God and Jesus invited us to share in their existence
    • Jesus has helped us to regain our relationship with God after the fall of man due to our decisions to ignore God and go against his will
    • God is able to transform the disorder in our lives to order 
  • Spend time this week praising and worshiping God and admiring his creation 
  • Spend time this week thinking of Jesus and how he has helped us to be reconciled to God our Father, the creator of all things

God loves his children

Sunday Lesson Notes from September 25, 2022

Read Luke Chapter 15 verses 11-32

Please ponder these questions:

  1. If everyone was like me in the world, what would the world be like?
  2. How would you describe your image of God?

The parable of the Prodigal Son discusses three main concepts that we can contribute to God’s character: Freedom, Compassion and Forgiveness


  • Why do you think  the young son wanted his freedom?
    • Maybe he did not like following rules
    • Maybe he wanted to see and experience the world outside his hometown
    • Bored, ungrateful, did not realize how good he had it, unaware of the dangers of the world outside
  • How does this parable remind you of the freedom we have in God and Christ?
    • The Father, who like God, let the young son go when he asked to leave
    • God does not stop us from making our own choices, although we will have to deal with the consequences of our choices
    • We can choose to love God and be unified with God’s fellowship or we can chose to leave God and go our own way


  • How did the Father in this parable (God)  show his compassion for his son? (verse 20)
    • The Father ran out to meet the son and did not wait for him to come to him and grovel
    • The Father was thinking of the son and looking out for him even before he returned
    • The Father did not bring up the past squandering of the estate or what was he doing hanging out with his wild living
    • The Father was more concerned about the restoration of the relationship
    • Reminder: when we stop eating the pigs food and return to our relationship with God, we are treated like this son in the parable


  • How did the Father in the parable (God)  show Forgiveness? (verse 21-24)
    • The Father gave a big celebration in the son’s honor and reinstated his status without question or hesitation
    • The Father gave to the son generously, the fattened calf and nice robe,  he did not hold back his lavish love

Take Home Thought: As Christians and Followers of Jesus, Jesus tells us no one can snatch us out of his grasp. However, we have the freedom to leave our relationship with God. We will have to endure the consequences of our choices. The good news is that we can return to our relationship with God and be accepted as his son or daughter. God extends compassion and forgiveness to us through his son Jesus. This is good news!

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