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Sunday Lesson Notes September 17, 2023

Read 1 Samuel 8: 1-22

  • Why did Israel want a King? What excuses did they make about needing a King?
    • Israel wanted a king so they could be like the other nations around them that had a person as a king. Having God as their king was not enough for them. 
    • They were making excuses that they needed a king because Samuel’s sons were corrupt and Samuel was old and they needed a king to lead them.
    • The truth of the matter was that they were rejecting God as their king. They were intentionally breaking their covenant relationship with God and demanding a person to be their king. 
    • Fortunately, Samuel was wise enough to seek advice from God with this issue. This shows that although Samuel was old, he was still wise to seek God’s advice in his life.

Read 1 Samuel 10: 17-19

  • What is so encouraging about God in this passage?
    • God was very aware that Israel had been rejecting Him as their King since he rescued them from Egypt, yet he remained faithful to his promises to protect them and make them a great nation
    • God is faithful to us even when we are unfaithful to him. His presence gives us protection even when we may not deserve it or we are unaware of it. 

Read John 18: 37-40

  • How does this passage relate to the passage in 1 Samuel regarding Israel wanting a king?
    • In this passage, the Jews chose Barabbas over Jesus. Although they accused Jesus of being King of the Jews, they still chose to crucify him and let the worldly leader go free. 
    • The Jews are consistent in the rejection of God as their King. Here they are rejecting the son of God as their King. 

Read John 19: 12-16

  • Here again the Jews are rejecting Jesus as their King and choosing Caesar as their king
  • Pilate asked the Jews what they wanted to do with their King and they demanded that he be crucified. They claimed that only Caesar was their King.
  • Question: Is there a “King” in your life that is not GOD?
  • Question: Am I crucifying my “King” or God with the choices I make in my life?
  • Question: Do I allow myself to make good sounding excuses to choose who will be the “King” in my life?

Jesus the Bridegroom, the Church His Bride

Sunday Lesson Notes

September 3, 2023

Read Matthew 9: 14-17

  • Jesus referred to himself as the Bridegroom, who was his bride?
  • The church- made up of all his disciples- is Jesus’s bride
  • We are part of the church, therefore, we will be Jesus’s bride when he returns
  • Jesus made his disciples aware of this new teaching
  • What did Israel’s relationship with God look like in the Old Testament?
    • Israel was having a hard time remaining faithful to their covenant relationship with God.

Read Hosea 2: 14-20

  • Israel was an adulteress wife, yet God still pursued her and claimed her as his own.
  • The Israelites were having difficulty staying faithful to God in part because they wanted to be like the other nations around them and have a god they could see and control.
  • God promised Israel his marriage to her would be forever, with righteousness and justice and with love and compassion.
  • God’s request from Israel was to acknowledge him, to know HIM

Read Revelation 19: 6-9

  • This passage describes the wedding of Jesus to his bride the church
  • The bride is making herself ready for Jesus
  • The bride is clothed in fine linen which is the acts of righteousness of the saints
  • The wedding is taking place before the throne of God 
  • All the saints before the time of Christianity will be in attendance to witness this event

Read Revelation 21: 1-11 and 22-27

  • God will come to earth and dwell with his people, the Garden of Eden restored
  • There will be no need for light because God will be the light
  • The nations will be renewed and worship GOD with all the splendor
  • We have something so amazing to look forward to
  • God is clear about his expectations
  • He loves us so much that he tells us what is expected in order to dwell with him forever

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