What did Jesus teach us about Children?

Sunday Sermon Notes from June 6, 2021

Read Matthew 18: 1-4

  • Who is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven?
    • Children, why? They are humble, teachable, trusting, of low position in society
    • Adults are usually taking care of children and being responsible, but Jesus wants us to have the heart of children so that we can make it to Heaven

Read Matthew 18: 5-6

  • Jesus says when we receive children, we will also be receiving Him
  • We have to be careful not to lead others into sin, sin separates us from God

Read Matthew 18: 7-9

  • We need to take sin seriously, even temptations. The world is full of temptations
  • Better to get rid of something that tempts you to sin than to give in and miss out on Heaven

Read Matthew 18: 10-4

  • God wants to save the weakest among us
  • We have angels that take care of us, and they see God’s face. They talk to God about his children
  • God is willing to and does search for us when we are lost, even if all of his other children are safe

Read Matthew 23: 11-12

  • Humble in Hebrew means: to be brought low
  • The greatest is the best servant
  • When we humble ourselves, God exalts us
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