The Day of Pentecost

Sunday Sermon Notes from May 23, 2021

Read Acts Chapter 2

The Day of Pentecost

  • Also known as the Festival of Weeks or Feast of Wheat or Feast of First Fruits
  • It is mentioned in the Old Testament/Pentateuch
  • It occurred 50 days after the Passover ( 50 days is seven weeks plus one day, therefore it is also called "the week of weeks")

Why do they refer to it as the Feast of First Fruits?

  • Sign of giving your best to God, ie first portion of the harvest or first born from animal stock
  • 1Cor 15:20-23: Jesus represents the best of all mankind, we as disciples represent the harvest

What does the “violent rushing of wind” refer to?

  • The Holy Spirit in Hebrew
  • In Greek- Breath or Wind refers to the Holy Spirit
  • In John 3: Jesus talks about the wind and the Spirit, they eventually received it in Acts
  • They made the sound of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 when they received the Spirit and were speaking in tongues
  • The people said they heard the wonders of God in their own language
  • The Spirit caused the believers to speak of God and it caused Peter to speak of Jesus
  • The Trinity of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were being revealed

What is significant about Numbers 11?

  • There is prophesying and wind present. God granted the ability to prophesy to all
  • Paul talks about languages, which is a sign of judgement, God revealing secrets of our hearts that lead to convictions

How is Genesis 11:1-9 different than Acts 2

  • In Babel, they were self reliant and united in selfishness, so their language was confused to prevent further destruction
  • In Acts, speech is used to unify them and help them to rely on God
  • The Holy Spirit moves to place us into fellowship with each other and the Holy Spirit also moves to scatter us when sin is involved
  • The Holy Spirit gives us gifts to help us build each other up
  • Remember to keep speaking the message for Christ Jesus to others
  • This speaking and sharing of truth has been ongoing since the day of Pentecost

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