You are highly valued by Jesus

Sunday Sermon Notes from 4/11/2021

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt valued and respected? 

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt worthless and disrespected?

Read John 4: 1-42

  • Why did the Samaritans want Jesus to stay with them longer?
  • How do you think Jesus felt when they wanted him to stay with them longer?
    • Jesus demonstrated so much respect for this woman that the town reciprocated the action when she told them all about her interaction with Jesus
    • Jesus took time to speak to a woman which was frowned upon during this time
    • He also taught her as he would teach his disciples, which also was frowned upon during this time
    • They genuinely wanted to spend time with Jesus, not just to get food or miracles, but to hear what he had to say
    • They felt valued by Jesus and the valued him in return
  • Why was it necessary for Jesus to stay for 2 more days
    • They needed to come to their own faith by hearing his words personally
    • Spending time with Jesus personally, helps us to get to know him deeply
    • When we encounter God, we understand ourselves in relationship to God better
    • Jesus brings grace and truth to our lives, not condemnation
  • Why were the disciples questioning Jesus about talking to this woman?
    • Maybe they were surprised he was taking the time to talk to a female during this time period
    • No matter who you are or what troubled past you may have, Jesus died for you and you are highly valued because of this price he paid
    • Spend time with Jesus to remember your value
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