Let us build each other up with Scriptures

Sermon notes from February 21, 2021

Read 1 Corinthians 14:26

The bible instructs us to build each other up when we come together. Let us take a moment to share with each other how we are connecting with Jesus by sharing scriptures with each other.

Here are some examples of what some of us shared:

  • Hebrews 1: 1-3
    • Jesus is the fullest representation of who God is
    • Jesus is better than all the prophets, all the high priests, and even the promised land etc.
    • Through Jesus we have a relationship with GOD
  • John 2
    • Jesus turned water into wine as the first sign of who he really was
    • His disciples believed in him after this miracle
    • He stayed with his family afterward and included the disciples among them as family too; we tend to think that we need to choose between our physical and spiritual family; Jesus shows us that they aren’t mutually exclusive.
    • Jesus is God’s love letter to us and he shows us what God expects of us as his disciples; God sent Jesus to show us HOW to love like He loves us.
  • John 15
    • What is Jesus and God made of? This was a question from one of the children in our group
    • The answer-pure love, remain in God’s love and obey his commands
    • We should love each other, this will help us to experience God’s love and show the world that we are followers of Jesus.
  • The word “EDEN” in Hebrew is made up of three characters: "Ayin"- to see or know or experience; "Dalat"- door opening or pathway and "Noon"-life
    • EDEN-means "the pathway to life"
    • Resembles who JESUS is-the way to life
    • Read Isaiah 59: our sins separated us from GOD, Jesus took that sin away and now we have a pathway to GOD
  • Colossians 1
    • Through Jesus we have been given the fullness of life
    • Paul tries to explain his fullness and shared experience with Jesus, think about this for a minute

Think of other passages in the BIBLE that bring you close to Jesus and share with others!

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