Remembering God’s Promises!

Sermon Notes from February 14, 2021

Read 1 Chronicles 17: 1-5

  • How did God feel about David wanting to build a house for him?
  • How did God reward David’s heart for wanting to build a house for him?
  • God allowed David to know His plans to build an everlasting house and legacy for him
  • David’s lineage is fulfilled in Jesus
  • What are some temporary promises in this passage?
  • What are some permanent promises in this passage?
  • For example: Permanent promises- Jesus would descend from the line of David;God would build a house for David. Temporary- the Jews would be scattered.
  • How would you feel if someone promises you that your lineage would be established forever in God as royalty?
  • What is it like to always be in the favor of the almighty God?
    • Perhaps a sense of reassurance and peace
    • This is where we should live as disciples of Jesus
    • Almost like winning the lottery every 10 seconds, what time is it again?

Read 1 Chronicles 17: 16-27

  • What is David’s response to this blessing?
  • Do you see his humility and gratitude?

 Read Isaiah 9: 1-7

  • What are the Temporary Promises here?
    • For example- time of joy and growth
  • What are the Permanent Promises here?
    • For example-A Son will be born, walking in the light, shattering of the yokes
    • Spiritual battles won through Jesus
    • God will be a permanent counselor for us
  • What would your life look like without God’s promises?

Read Isaiah 53: 1-12

  • What are some Temporary Promises here?
    • Jesus growing up in poverty from a low class place
  • What are some Permanent promises here?
    • Jesus is the arm of the Lord revealed by the Holy Spirit
    • Some people see Jesus and others don’t

Read Psalm 16: 7-11 and Acts 2:24-25

  • David is referring to Jesus in this Psalm
  • Peter repeats it to the Church in the crowd in Acts
  • Great examples of permanent promises for us!

Read Psalm 41: 1-3 and John 13:18-19 and 31-32

  • Although David went through a lot of temporary setbacks, God promised to set him in HIs presence forever
  • Jesus referred to this Psalm to remind them of his destiny to die and raise to life again
  • Jesus would be glorified by GOD
  • This was not really an execution but a Coronation of a King, Jesus
  • All of Jesus’ disciples were about to receive the same honor as Jesus
  • When we become Jesus’ followers, our life will change by our association with Jesus, we become glorified too!
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