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Sunday Sermon notes from January 10, 2021

How does God define faithfulness?

Read Numbers 12:1-15

  • God referred to Moses as Faithful, why?
  • Although Moses was a murderer and married to a woman outside the Israelite community, yet God called him faithful, why?
  • What was the difference between the prophet’s faithfulness and Moses’s faithfulness?

 Read Deuteronomy 18: 15 and Hebrews 3: 1-6

  • Who did Moses refer to as a future faithful prophet?
  • God promised to raise up a faithful prophet from among the Israelites: referring to  Jesus.

The word “Faithful” in Hebrew has three characters:

“Alif”- means head or Ox or strength

“Mem”- means water or power to give life

“Nun”- means fish or seed, sprouting of new li

In other words, “Faithful” literally means: God giving life that is new and sprouting. 

Fast forward 3500 years, Jesus comes to the scene:

Read John 6:26-40

  • What is Jesus really saying when he told them he was the bread of life?
  • Jesus is the “manna” that came down from Heaven. 
  • Remember the Israelites ate “manna” to survive in the desert and make it to the promised land?

The word “Manna” or bread in Hebrew has two characters:

“Mem”- power to give life

“Nun”- Sprouting new life

These characters are the same characters in the Hebrew word for Faithfulness.

When we consume Jesus= Bread of Life, we obtain eternal life.

Remember, Jesus told the woman at the well, he was the living water and will give eternal life?

Read Revelation 19:11

  • The word “Faithful” is used as a personal pronoun in one place in the bible: in reference to Jesus.
  • Jesus is the rider who is Faithful and True!
  • To be faithful is to give life- Jesus gives us life by saving us from our sins and leading us to Heaven. 
  • Moses was faithful because he saved the Israelites from Slavery and lead them out to the desert and they eventually made it to the promised land. 

Read Revelation 3:14

  • What is another name for Jesus in the bible? “Amen”
  • “Amen” in Hebrew is spelled with the same three characters as the word “Faithful”
  • Therefore, when we pray or say “Amen” we are saying - we agree with whatever was said to be true and faithful. We are agreeing to accept God’s word as nourishment.

Final Thoughts

  • We need to remember to work for food that lasts forever. 
  • When we take Communion, we remember Jesus is “Manna” from Heaven and gives us eternal life. He meets our daily physical needs with bread and our spiritual needs by giving us eternal life. 
  • Jesus died for us and with his own blood he purified us from our sins. Jesus’s purpose on earth was to be faithful and save us. 
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Exodus 19-20: Mt. Sinai and The Ten Commandments

In Exodus 19:1-25 God appears and speaks to Moses in front of and in the hearing of all the People of Israel and gives them The Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:1-26.

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God Prepares Men to Lead His People Exodus 17-18

Exodus 17-18

God Prepares Men to Lead His People

God has already called and established Moses and his brother Aaron as leaders over his people, as well as Joshua ben Nun, a capable young man, as Moses' protegé and intern leader-in-training.  Now, God begins to prepare and groom leaders, old and new, from among His people. 


  1. Ex 17:1-7
  2. Ex 17:8-16
  3. Ex 18:1-27

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