Wednesday Midweek Lesson Notes

From January 24, 31, 2024 to February 7, 2024

Read John 1:14

  • Jesus came to earth and brought us grace and truth
  • He came as the Word of God to show us who God is

Read John 14:1-7

  • We can only get to the Father through Jesus
  • Jesus brings the truth into our lives
  • This leads to our salvation

Read John 18:28-40

  • Jesus told them that he was a king of a different kingdom
  • They could not understand the truth he was speaking


Read Genesis 2: 15-17 and Genesis 3: 1-7

  • God created the man and woman to take care of the Garden
  • They could eat from any tree except one
  • The serpent showed up and twisted the words of God and tempted Eve
  • What was the truth? Did Eve really know the truth?
  • We were already made in God’s image and ruling with God in the Garden of Eden
  • We did not need anything extra, we had everything we needed

John 8:21-30

  • Jesus warned them they were from the world and could not understand what he was saying

John 8: 31-41

  • He was speaking to the Jews who had believed him
  • He told them they had to obey him if they knew the truth
  • Everyone who sins is a slave to sin and he can set them free
  • But they had no room for his word in their hearts

John 8 : 42-47

  • Jesus told them they were the children of the devil because they spoke his native language.
  • When we listen to God, we belong to God. When we listen to Satan we belong to Satan. 
  • We are able to make a decision. We don’t have to make choices against God’s will.

1 John 5: 18-21

  • When we are born of God, we do not continue to sin
  • We can hear the voice of God and obey his word


Isaiah 54:4-10

  • Isaiah was warning Judah that they would be taken into captivity by Babylon
  • Judah in exile was like a wife deserted who married young; but God decided to restore them and have compassion on them
  • God’s unfailing love will not be shaken and he will not remove his covenant of peace from us

Leviticus 13: 1-4 and 45-46

  • These are laws for skin diseases to keep them from spreading among the camp
  • They were to alert others of their sickness by yelling and dressing differently

Mark 1: 40-45

  • Jesus healed the man with leprosy who was humble
  • Jesus touched him which was against the laws of Leviticus
  • Jesus didn’t want the healed man to tell anyone else about the healing so that he could continue preaching 
  • We can spread the news of Jesus’s healing powers to others

Luke 7: 11-17

  • Jesus raised the dead son to life
  • Jesus had compassion on the woman because she was a widow and now had a dead son
  • Jesus reached out and touched the dead body and raised him back to life
  • When Jesus’s heart goes out to someone he does something to them
  • The whole crowd praised God and were claiming he was a prophet and God has come to help his people with this healing
  • When we share about God’s healing to others they will have a chance to believe and obey him
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