Jesus Heals the Blind

Lesson Notes from Sunday October 1, 2023

Read Matthew 9:27

  • Could these blind men see Jesus? Explain
    • These blind men knew that Jesus was the son of David, which was a huge accomplishment for this time among the Jews. Many of the Jews did not see Jesus as the son of David and should have known because the Torah predicted he would come and do the things he was doing. 
    • These blind men, although physically blind and likely needed help to get to Jesus, were not spiritually blind. They could see that Jesus was special and could heal their blindness.

Read Matthew 1:1

  • What does this verse proclaim about Jesus? Why did Matthew start out his gospel writing like this?
    • This verse proclaims that Jesus was the Messiah and the Son of David
    • Matthew wrote his gospel especially for the Jewish readers who did not believe Jesus was who he said he was, the son of David, the Messiah, the son of God whom the prophets foretold his coming. 

Read 2 Samuel 7: 1-16

  • Why was Jesus called the son of David?
    • In this passage David decided to build a house for God but God turned it around and told David he would build a house for David. As a matter of fact, he promised David he was going to build him a royal dynasty that would last forever and his bloodline would always rule. Jesus came from this line and was known as the son of David as a result. 
    • Although David was not perfect and fell short several times, he always repented and sought to maintain his relationship with God. Therefore, God chose him and blessed him and his future descendants with this promise. 
    • This covenant that God made with David was not dependent on David’s actions but it was dependent on God’s faithfulness. 
    • The blind men that Jesus healed must have known their old testament scriptures well enough to recognize that Jesus was the son of David and called out to him for healing. 
  • Read Matthew 9: 27-31
    • The blind men knew who Jesus was despite having a physical disability
    • Sometimes having a disability makes us more in tune with our relationship with God because we can more easily recognize our need for God in our lives.
    • These men could be healed because they already had faith in who Jesus was. Their faith did not come as a result of being healed. 
    • Do you have faith in Jesus that he can heal you? 
    • The Blind men responded to Jesus, Yes Lord, when Jesus asked them if they believed he could heal them. In your life, do you say, Yes Lord, I believe you can heal me?
    • Do you act like you believe Jesus can help you? Faith is not just believing. It includes acting on what you believe. 

Read Isaiah 35: 1-10

  • Do you see Jesus in this passage?
    • This passage talks about a future savior that will come and bring spiritual and physical healing to the earth
    • The blind men heard of all the physical healings Jesus was doing (just what Isaiah prophesied): healing the blind, healing the lame; healing the mute.
    • Do you recognize Jesus’s healings in your life?
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