Jesus the Bridegroom, the Church His Bride

Sunday Lesson Notes

September 3, 2023

Read Matthew 9: 14-17

  • Jesus referred to himself as the Bridegroom, who was his bride?
  • The church- made up of all his disciples- is Jesus’s bride
  • We are part of the church, therefore, we will be Jesus’s bride when he returns
  • Jesus made his disciples aware of this new teaching
  • What did Israel’s relationship with God look like in the Old Testament?
    • Israel was having a hard time remaining faithful to their covenant relationship with God.

Read Hosea 2: 14-20

  • Israel was an adulteress wife, yet God still pursued her and claimed her as his own.
  • The Israelites were having difficulty staying faithful to God in part because they wanted to be like the other nations around them and have a god they could see and control.
  • God promised Israel his marriage to her would be forever, with righteousness and justice and with love and compassion.
  • God’s request from Israel was to acknowledge him, to know HIM

Read Revelation 19: 6-9

  • This passage describes the wedding of Jesus to his bride the church
  • The bride is making herself ready for Jesus
  • The bride is clothed in fine linen which is the acts of righteousness of the saints
  • The wedding is taking place before the throne of God 
  • All the saints before the time of Christianity will be in attendance to witness this event

Read Revelation 21: 1-11 and 22-27

  • God will come to earth and dwell with his people, the Garden of Eden restored
  • There will be no need for light because God will be the light
  • The nations will be renewed and worship GOD with all the splendor
  • We have something so amazing to look forward to
  • God is clear about his expectations
  • He loves us so much that he tells us what is expected in order to dwell with him forever

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