“A Message from Jesus”

Sunday Lesson Notes from August 22, 2021

We usually have one thing in our life that we can feel helpless about. Remember to bring that thing to Jesus.

Read Mark 9:17-29

  • Jesus is able to fix difficult problems even when we can’t
  • Jesus was calm and confident, He knew he could help in this situation
  • Jesus was becoming known as someone we can go to for healing
  • There was an amazing lack of faith in Jesus’s ability to help

The father in this text was willing to do anything in order to help his son. However, he was unable to change the situation on his own. Jesus and his disciples were known to heal people, but in this particular instance the disciples were not able to heal the boy. After a single conversation with Jesus the son was healed. The disciples then asked Jesus why they were unable to heal this boy. Jesus answered them that this healing was only possible through prayer. When we pray, we tap into the power of the creator. Our very own words in prayer have the ability to do amazing things. We were created in God’s image. God created the universe by speaking. When we speak in prayer God can answer those prayers resulting in amazing things too!

  • Jesus had recently come back from the transfiguration and he found his disciples arguing and not praying and not having faith. It was so bad that they couldn’t even heal people. Jesus was gone for only a little while before his disciples lost faith.

Do you pray about hard things in your life or fret and give up?

  • We usually have one thing in our life that we can feel helpless about, remember to bring that to Jesus
  • Jesus said a really outrageous statement: everything is possible for him who believes!
    • What are some other really outrageous statements that Jesus made in his lifetime?
    • Examples: the only way to God is through Him; Hate your mother and father or you cannot be his disciple; forgive others 77 times and the list goes on and on

Read John 2:18-22

  • Jesus’s words are powerful. Our words are powerful in prayer. We are made in God’s image and therefore we have access to these powerful words. 
  • Jesus left God to come here to this earth to be with us. He allowed himself to be crucified so we could have a relationship with God. He defeated death so we can too!
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