Getting Closer to Jesus

Sunday Worship Notes from March 28, 2021

What are some things you do to remember Jesus throughout the week?

Here are some ideas we shared with each other during our time together:

Read Deuteronomy 8:17

  • Remembering the Lord and how he brought us out of Egypt to the Promised Land and gives us our abilities
  • Spending time in nature
  • Making crafts for others and praying about that person while making the craft
  • Reading the Scriptures out Loud

Read Isaiah 61:1-2

  • Reading the scriptures the way Jesus would have read it at the time
  • When Jesus quotes passages, return to what was said in the original contexts

Romans 5: 1-11

  • By persevering in life, we get to connect with Jesus
  • Singing spiritual songs
  • When reading scriptures try to see how God or Jesus would feel or think about the experience that is being described
  • Try to learn about the tradition, story or background of the text being read

1 Corinthians 6:19-22

  • Remembering we were bought at a price and Jesus paid that price with his own blood
  • This means we are valuable to God and therefore our actions need to be approved by Him

Other Ideas

  • Studying the bible with someone else helps me to remember who Jesus is
  • Memorizing scriptures to songs
  • Remembering Jesus’s love as we read scriptures, not just as rules to follow
  • Taking time to listen to God in silence 

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