What Can We Learn From Jesus’s Birth?

Sunday Worship Notes 12/20/2020

Read Matthew 1:18- Matthew 2:12

From birth, Jesus had to hit the ground running

We are usually taught that Jesus’s birth and coming to the world was an amazing event, but often we overlook what was really going on, he was born in a barn and he was about to be murdered by a king. 

Verse 20: The angel encouraged Joseph to not be afraid. Joseph was responsible for his wife and baby Jesus-the son of God, imagine the pressure. 

Has there been a time when God revealed His plan for your life and you were afraid?

Herod the Great was a Governor of Galilee, King of the Jews in Judea but he was threatened by the birth of a baby- BABY JESUS, the real King!

Herod must have felt insecure and challenged. He was a wicked and suspicious man. He even had a secret service and planned to destroy Jesus by killing all the boys 2 years and younger in the region. 

Jesus’s presence forces us to make a real decision in our lives, we cannot remain neutral.

Matthew 2:13-23

The birth of Jesus is often portrayed as easy, no challenges or difficulties. But actually, Jesus was running from death. 

What is your response when you are trying to follow God’s plan and face challenges and difficulties?

Herod’s response was to try to remove Jesus from his life, with murder.

Do you remain steadfast and  trust God or do you run away and hide?

Do you get negative and pull away from God or do you push God and his people away from your life?

Do you question God’s motivation? Do you question God’s love for you or wonder if he cares for you?

What tempts you to remove Jesus from the throne of your life?

Do you stop seeing the good God is doing and just focus on the negative and hard things?

Herod was no match for even a baby! BABY JESUS could not be defeated by his evil plans.

God gives us warnings to bring hope and life to us.

What is God warning you to do?

Are you listening to God’s warnings?

Chapter 2:12 God warned the Magi to save their life.

Ch 2:13 God warned Joseph to go to Egypt

Ch 2;22 Joseph was warned again to go to Nazareth for safety

Do you see and hear God’s warnings in your life or do you ignore them?

God has a good plan for each of our lives. We need to keep fighting to hold onto God’s plan for our lives. God showed up to make sure Jesus would make it. In the same way, God shows up for us to make it the way he wants us to. 

Philippians 2:1-11

We need to remember to take care of each other

We need to remember to consider each other’s needs

In the end, everyone will worship Jesus

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