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Christ’s Love, Death Brings Life

Sunday Sermon Notes from June 6, 2021

Read 2 Corinthians 5:14 - 6:2

  • Christ's love compels us.
  • Jesus bore the punishment and guilt we earned for our sin.
    • He was separated from God.
  • Why are you convinced you should live for Jesus and not for yourself?
  • What is the love of Christ compelling you to do and to be?
  • Sometimes, when we chose to remove Jesus from the life we live now, we may feel worthless, full of anxiety, full of fear, stress, and we can make poor choices in our lives.

Read 1 Peter 2:21-25

  • When you are going through insults and suffering, to whom do you entrust yourself?
  • When Jesus was going through suffering, he entrusted himself to God
  • Who or what do you entrust yourself to when you are going through suffering?
  • Some examples may be: money, parents, friends, food, netflix
  • Jesus chose not to take matters into his own hands when he was suffering
  • Do you think you should be treated better than Jesus was treated?
  • How can Jesus' wounds provide healing?
    • Jesus suffered for us, he did not deserve it and did it for us anyway
    • This removes all the excuses we have not to respond to God reaching out to us
    • This should produce gratitude in our hearts
    • Healing from Jesus is true healing for our souls. He is able to help us to be reconciled to GOD and save us from our own destruction.
  • What is your response to Jesus bearing your sins on the cross?
    • God has a plan for you to die to sin and live for righteousness.
    • Death brings life.

Read Galatians 2:20

  • How do you connect with the truth that you are a sinner; you crucified Christ and don't deserve salvation?
    • You have received God's Grace, not what you deserve!
    • You are compelled by Jesus' love.
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