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What is the Joy that Jesus Brings?

  • Isaiah 35
    • Assyria conquered the Northern Kingdom, and the southern kingdom was about to be conquered next. Hezekiah prayed for the Assyrians to withdraw from Judah and they left. Isaiah foretold that this would happen in Judah. Isaiah also predicted that a time of joy was coming and the redeemed will make it. They were rejoicing that God was present and they would enter Zion with great singing.
    • They were rejoicing because they were redeemed. The remnant that was left made it back
    • To be redeemed brings true joy
  • Luke 1: 5-10
    • Zechariah was a righteous Levite. He had no children with Elizabeth but they had John. John was a Nazarite, never cut his hair or drink fermented drinks. The angel told him he would have a son that would change the world. The name JOHN means- God’s GIft. Zechariach was doubting God’s promise and was therefore silenced. Sometimes when we are silenced, it gives us time to think more about who God is and that he keeps his promises.
  • Luke 1:26-38
    • Mary’s response was very different from Zechariah’s. She surrendered to the angel’s directions right away. She asked a question about the promise, but she did not doubt it. Mary should have been familiar with the promise that David would always have someone on his throne. She was to give birth to Jesus in continuation of the line of David. She became blessed among women because of her belief in God. 
  • John 3:29
    • John said he was Jesus’s bridegroom and full of joy. Do we get joy from Jesus or from our circumstances? This Joy is available to anyone who wants it. Nothing is impossible with God. 
  • Luke 10:1-20
    • Jesus sent out the disciples in pairs to spread his message that his kingdom is near and gave them power to heal the sick.. When they returned they were rejoicing because of the miracles they were able to do. Jesus advised them to rejoice in the fact that their names were written in heaven and not in the miracles they were able to perform. Jesus wanted them to have a permanent joy that comes only from God, not from our temporary circumstances. 
  • John 15:9-17
  • 1 John 5:1
    • Jesus loves us the way God loves us. We show love for God when we obey his word. We aren’t a friend to Jesus when we disobey his commands.
    • Jesus advised that we have complete joy when we love God and when we love people. We can only do these things when we remain in Jesus' love for us. Jesus will give us this joy. Reading and obeying Jesus’s words connects us with his love for us. 
  • John 16:17-24
    • We can ask anything from Jesus, he wants our joy to be complete
    • Jesus was able to accomplish God’s plan for eternity which gives us complete Joy
  • Habakkuk 3:16-19
    • Habakkuk is very upset about the state of affairs in Judah. God told him he would use Babylon to punish Judah. Habakkuk was in pain as he was waiting for calamity to fall on Babylon but he waited patiently for God to act. He was trusting God would save despite the circumstances of the situation. 
  • 1 Peter 1:3-9
    • The reward for trusting God is salvation in God. When we face trials, our faith will be refined. When we persevere in our faith, we bring honor and glory to God. We should remember to keep our joy in who God is, not in who people are.
  • Hebrews 12: 1-3
  • Hebrews 1:1-4
    • God made promises to several people listed here and kept all of his promises to them.
    • We need to remember to run our own race and fix our eyes on Jesus to make it to the end. Jesus is sitting on his throne right next to God and is rooting for us. Don’t quit and get tangled up in worries and sins and stumble and fall. If you do, get up and keep running toward the finish line. 
    • Joy comes from knowing God is a promise keeper, that Jesus is our biggest fan and is helping us to obey God. Our joy will be complete when we stay in our word and close to Jesus and obey him.
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