Jesus from the eyes of John

Why was the Gospel of John written?

The purpose of the Gospel of John is so that we can know Jesus and have life in his name, John 20:30-31.

Read John 1: 1-9

Jesus is the physical embodiment of God’s Word 

Jesus was with God from the beginning of creation

Jesus was the light who came into the world to reveal who God really is

If I wanted someone to know me personally, how would I go about it?

We would spend time together communicating

I would have them spend time with people that knew me very well

Connecting them to Facebook or letting them follow me on Instagram alone would not really allow someone to know me very well, right?

Is it easier to know Jesus now or when he was physically present?

Read John 1: 10-13

When Jesus came into the world, only some believed and recognized who he really was. 

And better yet, all we needed to do was to believe that we could receive the gift of becoming God’s child. Once believing we would act and follow Jesus.

Would I recognize Jesus if I saw him today and how would I recognize him?

I would know who Jesus was based on the compassion he had for people, the life he lived and the company he kept. 

The church today represents who Jesus is, we can see him through the actions of his true disciples

Read John 1: 14-18

How can we see and know God?

By spending time with Jesus we can see God.

Jesus came to bring truth and grace into the world. God allows us to see our need for Him. Jesus demonstrates he relied on God and by giving us grace and allowing us to see the truth of who we are, we have a chance to be closer to God. 

If you are living in darkness, can you understand who Jesus is?

We need Jesus in order to see our way out of darkness

Jesus brings truth into our lives so that we can face our sins. He brings us grace and gives us a chance to change.

How do I connect with Jesus in my life? Am I going to focus on the light Jesus brings or the darkness of the world?

Distractions during the Holiday can take us away from who Jesus is. We should focus on remembering Jesus being born and being able to have a relationship with him. Jesus’s light has overcome darkness. 

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