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Living on the Inside Track with Jesus

Sunday Sermon Notes from 4/25/2021

Have you ever been on the “inside” of a joke?

Did you feel included and part of the group as a result of being on the inside?

Have you ever been on the “outside” of a joke?

Did you feel excluded or left out?

Read John 1:43-51

  • What was the inside story about Nazareth? Weren’t they looked down on by others?
  • How are the men in the story related to each other?
  • Jesus expressed he knew Nathanael
    • How did Jesus know him? What did Jesus see him doing earlier?
    • Was Nathanael truly a man of “no deceit”
    • Jesus was able to see more than what Nathanael was trying to show off
  • What happened to Nathanael’s heart when Jesus gave him proof?
  • Can we move the hearts of people the way Jesus did?
    • Unlikely, many times, even if we show someone proof they can still doubt
    • Why? Maybe because it is sometimes difficult to see the truth in our lives and accept it and make long lasting changes as a result.
    • Was it easy for Nathanael to change his views about who Jesus was?
      • Not likely easy, it took a huge amount of faith to admit who Jesus was
      • Nathanael was a Jew who did not believe in Jesus, he was at the beginning stages of discovering who the Messiah truly was
  • Jesus had an inside track with Nathaneal and used it to help him come to faith (remember Jesus had seen him by the fig tree earlier)
  • As disciples, we have an inside track with Jesus and by staying close to him he will help our faith to continue to grow
  • Jesus will knock down roadblocks to get to our deepest parts of our heart and who we are so that we can have a relationship with him 
  • Remember the promises that God gave to Abraham, they are for you too!
    • Genesis 28:10-22 and Genesis 12:1-3
    • 7 AMAZING promises from GOD:
      • To make you a great nation
      • To bless you
      • To make your name great
      • To make you a blessing
      • To bless those who bless you
      • To curse those who curse you
      • All the peoples on earth will be blessed through you
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