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Learning To Live Like Jesus Did

Sunday Worship Notes for November 15, 2020

Read Matthew 7:13-29

Read Acts 3

Read Acts 4:1-31

  • When we read the Bible,  listen to Jesus’ words and actually put them into practice in our lives, we will build our lives on a solid foundation. 
  • Unfortunately the opposite is true. When we do not read the Bible, or listen to Jesus’ words nor put them into practice, we do not build our lives on a solid foundation.
  • It takes effort to enter through a narrow gate. We have to make intentional and deliberate decisions like first of all believing that Jesus's words are true and real. The gate narrows further when we decide to not only believe but to obey those words. Finally, we have to consider obedience with the right heart and motivation.
  • Peter and John were putting what they learned and heard from Jesus into practice by preaching the Good News to others and healing people.
  • As disciples of Jesus, today we too can follow this example and learn from Jesus’ words and put them into practice.
  •  As we learn from Jesus, we can teach others to follow Jesus and bring spiritual healing to them.
  • When we let Jesus’ teachings influence our mind, our culture, our actions, we will have a great positive impact on our world. 
  • When we know the Love Jesus has for us, then we will know how to love others the way Jesus did. We will be able to love others beyond their political beliefs, their economic situation, their race, their gender or any circumstance that may be different than our own. 


What does putting Jesus’ words into practice look like for you? How do we take what Jesus says and make it functional, active, and not just an agreement with a philosophy?

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Passages Exhibit Field Trip

On Saturday, April 14, 2012 many of us will be traveling to Atlanta to see the Passages Interactive Bible Exhibit, an exhibition of how the Bible has been written, copied, translated, published and distributed throughout history.  This special exhibit of the history of the printed Word of God is in honor of the 400th Anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible (1611) in 2011.

Highlights of the exhibit include: The Jewish Scribe Room, The Christian Scribe Room, European Translations, Gutenberg's Print Shop, Reformation Theatre (reenactments) and Early Reformation Bibles, William Tyndale, Jerome's Cave, Early English Bibles, Correction (how printed versions were corrected), and Adornment (artistic traditions in biblical production).

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